Since the beginning of time, mankind has been looking for the best way to travel the world without putting one's feet on the ground. Someone made the first steps in this direction using prosthetic wax wings and… we all know how that ended! The invention of aerostatic and flying objects simplified the problem and in the end technology invented the most modern method of airway transport.

But flying by plane doesn't allow one to really appreciate the landscape. My name is Giacomo Pace and personally I am convinced that two wheels represent the best way to fly with your mind and live the dream.

The invention and improvement of the mountain bike has combined fairytale and reality together.

With 'G.P. Ciclodipendenza' I would like to show you the most enjoyable, healthy and interactive way to discover nature, history, culture, tradition and the cuisine of the wonderful region: Abruzzo.

In this region, where I was born, many well-known people were born too, like Ovid (20th March '43 BC) who has become the symbol of Sulmona (L'Aquila).

Amongst the renown Abruzzan people, there is the philosopher Benedetto Croce (Pescasseroli, 25th February 1866) and the writers Ennio Flaiano (Pescara, 5th March 1910), Ignazio Silone (Pescina, 1st May 1900) and Gabriele D'Annunzio (Pescara, 12th March 1863). I could also go on about famous sports celebrities, politicians, and other artists but I don't want to bore you, so I'll leave that to Wikipedia and other search engines which are most definitely more detailed and informative than I can ever be.

The challenge I would like to set upon with 'G.P. Ciclodipendenza' is to take you into the heart of Abruzzo from where we will explore the region.

I look forward to having travel companions who, like me, love nature and stimulating challenges with just passion and a bike.

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